You know I like visiting places like a local, so what can be better than renting a flat for your vacation and truly live the local life, cooking at home, watch local tv, go to the market and mingle with locals...

The advantages of renting a flat when being on holidays are different for each individual, but let me share with you how I see it:

  • Spend less money in eating out, you have the possibility to eat in like at home whenever you want.
  • Families with kids benefit from rentals but also couples, like us who want their privacy and freedom to discover a place with all the advantages of having your own place. Pet owners have possibilities as well to find a place to bring their pets along with them as well.
  • Choose exactly the place you want: when renting an appartment you can choose what to look for, a private pool maybe or 3 bedrooms, a terrace... You name it, all the features you would like to build up your perfect holiday.
  • Make your own schedule: you are not following a breakfast time at the hotel, or opening/closing times for reception. You have your own place and keys and you have the freedom to come and go as you wish.
During our holidays and exploring new places we have definitely taken advantage of vacation rentals of different kinds and price ranges. We used some sharing economy services such as aibnb for our Budapest lovely apartment that was a cheap one and very good quality.

We tried as well home exchange with Knok in Ayamontefor 0 euros as it was an agreement of exchange of house, our house in Barcelona exchanged for their house in Ayamonte for 5 days. Apart from the yearly fee to be part of the platform there is no other cost to that.

kitchen in budapest apartment

kitchen in budapest apartment

In our honeymoon we are also planning to go to an appartment in Indonesia , and it is a great option not only for the space but also for the options you have, if you want you can eat in if you dont there are plenty of restaurants and options out there but you have a fridge where you can store any snacks, beverages or anything you might like. It is a mid range option, and we will staying 3 nights with them.

Of course there are different budgets and I showed you our options ranking from 0 to mid-range. However, if you are in the high end you can find authentic mansions and film kind of places and be like a king in your fortress, a luxury vacation rental with everything you could imagine.

Dreaming is for free so if I had a second honeymoon and a couple of thousand more dollars in the bank I would go for high end luxury for sure. My favorite blog on luxury travel is MrsO, she really knows how to have your attention and the amazing places she visits make me mouth water.

The idea of spending endless time in a luxury property is tempting, I am thinking about doing nothing and lying on my private pool and just the thought is making me smile...I think of places such as Seychelles, Maldives or Hawaii.

I could start with some of these breathtaking Maui family vacation rentals. They start at 900$ a night, anyone wants to join?