Plaça Espanya is one of the main squares in the city, although is not a pedestrian is in the Sants city center, with Las Arenas shopping Centre, the MNAC and the Barcelona Fair all in the same square space.

One of the things that take your attention are the Venetian Towers that guard the entrance of the Reina Maria Cristina Avenue, there is one tower on either side of the street. The towers are 47 metres high and they are built mainly with red brick and topped by a pyramidal roof. As a curiosity, the towers were modelled on the campanile od St Mark's Basilica in Venice.

The towers were built for the Barcelona International Exhibition in 1929 along with the Greek Theatre, the Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) on the hill of Montjuïc that is located nearby.

The towers are ornamental, they have no functional purpose but the mark the entrance of La Fira de Barcelona which is the fair district of the city that opens up a wide avenue leading up to Palau Nacional on Montjuïc that hosts the MNAC, the National Museum of Art in Catalonia.

The towers are protected by the city council, they were used to house equipment for controlling the illumination of the Magic Fountain in Montjuïc but after the restoration works they went through, all equipment was removed.