W Barcelona is a new icon in the skyline of Barcelona, I remember all the opinions and discussions that opened this toppic but I think in the end we have all accepted as part of the city and it is a symbol as well.

I first visited W Barcelona when going to visit a friend who was staying there but it was not until weeks ago that I went to their Eclipse Bar at the weekend. I booked for three and we were on a list to enter the Eclipse Bar.

The Bar is in the last floor where you can see all Barcelona, although is a bit tiny it is beautiful to see the city up there. Eclipse has two rooms divided by a corridor and in each of them different music is played.

We enjoyed some cocktails, the price per cocktail goes from 10 to 14 euros approximately, it is not the cheapest ever but for a special ocasion it is worth it. I had a W Cosmos cocktail, I am totally in love of this one, it is a passion fruit martini, I love tropical fruits so I got addicted to this one.

Eclipse has a very chic atmosphere, there are plenty of foreigners so if you want to mingle with people from other countries is the perfect place. I also had a drink recently in the lounge bar, I sat down in those changing chairs, and obviously now I am totally loyal to the passion fruit martini.

If you want it chic, cool atmosphere and nice cocktails this is your place and also with the advantage that the beach is 100m from the front door.

cocktails eclipse bar