All of us felt a bit windy at some point in planes. What you did not know is why, and here is all information about it thanks to my friend Carlos, he is a flight attendant and knows all the dos and don'ts about planes.

First of all clarify that flying with a low-cost airline or a regular one has nothing to do with the food service on board. There is the myth that low costs have the worst food, but actually, it depends on the company contracted by the airline to provide the food.

As you might have noticed that low-cost airlines do not have food included during your flight but they do have a snack trolley going around the plane in case you need something to eat.

In long haul flight there is food service included with your airline ticket, it can be from one to two food services in the same flight depending on the times and duration.

What you should eat in a plane is to have something light such us cookies, fruit or nuts. On the other hand, your worst enemies are: sandwiches are not recommended and nor sweets because of their high sugar levels. Do not eat heavy meals; your body does not respond the same way 10000 feet high.

Never eat gassy things such as apples and lettuce. You need to remember that the cabin is pressurized and there is not a lot of oxygen, that's why your body swells up. If you eat gassy stuff, 8 hours before your flight or in the same flight you will feel windy during the flight and you will not feel well, it can be a pain.

Another thing to take into account is the Jet Lag, food is essential to your body and take the right choices will help you to have a pleasant flight.

The time lag between the four zones alters our diet, it is not recommended to drink coffee, tea, alcohol, gassy stuff or heavy meals 8 hours before the flight.

Once you get to your destination you need to control your stomach and be careful as it might provoke diarrhea as a consequence of different pressures and also the food you had after the flight.

And last but not least, in planes there is lack of oxigenola, and your skin dries, so you need to moisturize and hydrated frequently. It is recommended to drink water often but little quantity each time. You need to regulate liquids.

I hope all this advice helped and so you will have pleasant flights!