Moroccan cuisine has been in contact with other cultures and so influenced by them. Most common meats are lamb, beef, chicken, camel and rabbit. The most common way to cook it is with lemon pickle and dried fruits.

Spices are the base for every moroccan meal, they use cinnamon, cumin, ginger, pepper, prapika, sesame seeds, coriander and saffron among others. Bread is in every meal, thank God, I love bread, who doesn't?

As you might be aware of pork and alcohol are products banned by their religion so they cannot be easily found unless you ask for it in hotels or very touristy places.

See some of the typical meals and my impressions:

Tajine: this dish is done in the traditional tajine pot, from where its name comes from. A tajine is a slow stew with meat, veggies and sauce. They are delicious. See some different tajines in the photos below, the most common ingredients are meat with olives or lemon or nuts and dried fruits and full of spices.

Mint tea: this is a must, I love tea and the smell of mint and flavour is totally amazing!

Couscous: this is on of the stars of moroccan cuisine, traditionally served with meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. I love couscous, so I could try some different ones in Morocco. You can't miss it.

Soups: there are different kind of soups, veggie soups often served along with tajine and we tried a typical moroccan soup called harira fassia, a bit spicy veggie soup, but we loved it.

Freshly squeezed orange juice or smoothies: In the main place El Fna Djeema, there are loads of stalls selling orange juice, you gotta try one