My first time in Scotland, I wanted to try as much as I could fo their cuisine, know their flavors and typical dishes. I have to thank my hosts as they made it very easy for me. Helen's mum, Ross, she was our cook for the weekend and she prepared delish scottish food for us.

This was a great opportunity to try exquisite home made scottish food. Have a look at my culinary scottish and british tour:

Scones: is a single-serving cake or called quick bread as well from Scotland. They are eaten for breakfast or at the tea time. At tea time you can eat them with cream, butter and/or jam.

Sheperds pie: It is a very typical british dish, it is a meat pie done with mash potato with meat and veggies in the inside.

Steak pie: it is a traditional meat pie, with steak on the inside and beef gravy enclosed in a pastry shell.

Haggis: is a savoury pudding that contains sheep's pluck (liver, lungs and heart) with onion, spices and mixed with stock. It is the national dish of Scotland. You can serve haggis with neep and tatties or in a Chicken Balmoral as I will explain next.

Chicken Balmoral: it is a chicken stuffed with haggis, very good, I loved it!

Soups: brocoli and cheese soup. This is not a typical dish I am afraid but I tried it in a pub and I loved the flavour and I thought, that's good. It was a brocoli soup with a very tasty cheese that give it a very good twist.
Roast Beef: a roll of meet in the oven with veggies as garnishment. I loved a brocoli with mushroom sauce and crumbs on the top that Helen's mum cooked, yummy!

Irn Bru and Magners cider: Irn Bru as I have explained before is the drink that sells more than Coca Cola in Scotland. It is a drink with a chewing gum flavor for me, not my favorite. But if scottish like it, it must have something special, then.

Magners cider, typical spirit in bars and pubs, I love it, I am very fan of cider, as I do not like beer this is the best option when going to bars and mingle with locals.

Raspberries and strawberries: amazing and tasty in the uk and scotland. Sadly they are very expensive in Spain and the quality is not the same. Something that I miss from here. Ross made is an amazing panacotta with stawberries and raspberries.

And there is something that I had no chance to try is : venisson. It is not very common in Spain at all, and I saw it in the supermarket. So next time I go, venisson is in my list!

I totally enjoyed my bristish-scottish food go around weekend! You can't miss it, try as much as you can!