For me Marrakech is a city to explore, so my advice is do not plan too much, go with the flow, start walking and you will discover the city. Moreover, you will see that it is not easy to get oriented in the Medina so walk and see where the city takes you.

As you might have notice already in my posts I am not a huge fan of museums when traveling, because normally I do not travel in the same destination for a long period. I prefer to spend my time going local, getting to know the culture, walking through the cities, than spending afternoons in a museum. Of course, everyone picks their own interests and there are must see museums depending on where you go: Paris-Louvre, London- BritishMuseum, Barcelona-Picasso etc...

Here are some places that you can visit in Marrakech:

De Jamaa el Fna Place

A lively square in the city, is the city center in the old town, is a festival of colors, little shops, freshly squeezed orange juice shops. Very interesting place to visit during the day but also at night as it changes completely.

On day time: is full of color, don't be surprised if you see monkey tramer, snake enchanters and you might bump into dentists showing their last pieces in the street.

At night: no vehicles are allowed to go into the square, and from around 8pm the square is full of food stalls, musicians around, smell of food everywhere. We got a bit overwhelmed by people from the stalls wanting us to go to their place. We did not eat in the square stalls, but everyone says it is quite safe, you just need to use you common sense: bottled water, better eat with the fingers and bread, don't use cutlery and got to stalls where everything looks good and there is people in there.

The souks

A maze of streets full of shops and color, leather shoes and bags, foulards and pashminas all around. This is the paradise for bargaining for those who are fans, I am not particularly interested. And actually it bothers me but anyway is part of the experience. Best time of the day to visit the souks is in the morning, around mid day when all shops are opened.

Mosque Koutoubia

Very nice on the outside, it can be seen from a lot of places in town because of its height. Only muslims can access the mosques, so you will have look at it on the outside.

Mosque Koutubia

Mosque Koutubia

Medersa ben Youssef: a medersa is a muslim school of religious studies. This medersa is the biggest in Morocco. The entrance fee is 50 dirhams.

Saadíes Tombs

These tombs are from XVI century, in the garden there are more than 100 tombs decorated with mosaic. The most important building of the saadies tomb is the main mausoleum where Ahmad al- Mansur and his family. The mausoleum is built in three rooms, being the most known the one with 12 columns where his sons are buried.

Saadies Tombs

Saadies Tombs

Marrakech Palmeral

The Palmeral has more than 100.000 palms. Nowadays is considered a luxury part of the city, with hotels and golf resorts. The palmeral still has his mysticism. For me the best way to visit it, it was going with the hop on and hop off bus, it is nice to see the whole area, but for me it was not necessary to get off the bus as there is palms only so nothing to do there walking on your own. There are camels in the area that you can pay to get a ride too.



Majorelle Gardens

I loved this gardens, full of blue and yellow colors and beautiful plants around, all surrounded by islamic architecture. The gardens were built by Jacques Majorelle although now they are property of Yves Saint Laurent.

Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Gardens

Menara gardens

MenaraGardens are very famous gardens in Marrakech, there is a pond with a very nice islamic building and surrounded by olive trees. My opinion is that you can skip that, for me MajorelleGardens are nicer and are worth a visit.

New town

The new town of Marrakech has nothing to do with the medina full of people on the streets, donkeys, horses and snake enchanters . The two main avenues are Mohamed V and Mohamed VI. Gueliz, the new town, with his huge avenues looks like any main shop street in a developed country, brand shops of clothes and other items shine all over the streets.