We already went around Brussels visiting all important spotsand we tasted a bit of chocolate through Laurent Gerbaud's chocolate class. One important thing for me is gastronomy and I strongly believe that if food goes along with a great travel experience it would be unforgettable but on the other end if it is not you will always remember that place as the one you didn't eat very well. Lucky me, my friend Vero had been to Brussels so she was guiding us in the city on what to try and what couldn't be missed. So let me show you our delish treats in Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven.

Where to eat in Brussels

Banco! Resto Bar: good pitas and great daikiris!

Rue du Bailli 79


After the whole day walking around the city, we deserved a good dinner, we went to Banco! and it is restaurant that used to be bank and they kept the security boxes, so they are everywhere in the main lounge and also in the toilets!!

The food is not the typical one in Brussels but they have from omelettes, pitas with meat, toasts, fish such as salmon with veggies, salads etc...

Try the cocktails, we had a great strawberry daikiri that was delicious!!

Arcadi: the best quiche lorraine I tried

Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen, Arenbergstraat 1B, 1000

Great place for breakfast and brunch. They have a wide variety of cakes, quiches and other goodies.


Les cercles de voyageurs

The perfect place for travellers, a restaurant decorated with vintage travel bags, very beautiful but also good food from around the world. I had an indian curry korma with rice that was spectacular. The service was not in the bright side though, it took so long to have lunch and they brought us the entrées at dessert time... The food is delicious, but you can't go on a hurry :-(


Friterie Tabora

Taborastraat 2, 1000 Brussels

Fries are very typical from Brussels, I was surprised that they were because I actually though that they were french, french fries. But don't say that in Belgium...

We had to try fries, so be it!! We were looking for a good place to do that and we came across Fritterie Tabora that had more than 40 sauces to go with the fries. My recommendation is Andalusian sauce, spicy but the right amount.

Mokafe: try their waffles sucrées and their crêpes with cerise

Galerie du Roi 9, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles,

Great place to stop right in the Galleries St. Hubert, the crêpe with cherries was amazing, I totally recommend it! They also have waffles sucrées and other sweet treats.


Honoloeloe in Mechelen

Grote Markt 11, Mechelen

As always, Vero did not disappoint us, a very alternative kind of place, wood all around, very veggie/vegan kind of place with soups, bread toasts with different ingredients that went along with cuscus, they also had well looking cakes...

I had a toast with pesto, dry tomatoes and cheese with the side cuscus, it was very good, all home made and tasty. The service was good and the waitress was so kind, she even spoke in Spanish to us, that is always appreciated.They also have a wide selection of beers for beer lovers, I am not a fan of beer so for me water. As an interesting fact, it seems water is very precious in Flandes, it is the most expensive I paid for a bottle in a country, but it is everywhere in general, so must be normal.


Domus Restaurant in Leuven

Tiensestraat 8 3000 Leuven

After spending three hours around the city on a bike, we were hungry and exhausted so in front of the bikes was this traditional restaurant and they recommended us to go.

I had beef stew done with beer, it seems like it is pretty typical around there, with mash potatoes and some veggies aside. The dishes are massive, so with one only you should have enough. I ordered as a dessert praliné ice cream delicious. I have to say though that, definetely is there where I met the rudest waiter I have ever seen, she couldn't bother about anything and she did faces at us if something we ask her wasn't in her plans... But food is good, just don't expect service.


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