I asked my friend Andreu to do a blog post on New York New year's Eve. Now that you might start planning what to do on Christmas can be a great option to consider. Andrew is an economist with great writing skills. He always writes poems for friends and colleagues, and actually he is very good at it. So there you are, enjoy New York at Christmas on this post.

If you are used to see in the news of 1st January, how the world celebrated the New Years's Eve, for sure you have seen sometime the one from Times Square.

I went there last year, along with my family, and we were impressed: it was like all the Christmas movies! All the streets decorated with gold and white, carols all along the shops and a joyful atmosphere, even with the cold temperatures New York has during these days!

One of the most typical images we all have of NY during Christmas is the Rockefeller Plaza, with a giant ice skate ring, and an incredible Christmas tree with thousands of lights and of course, the big star on top of it.

Central Park, the Grand Station, the Empire State, even Broadway prepares for the New Year's Eve, as it becomes one of the most popular parties of the world, which congregates more than a million of persons from around the world to enjoy it.

From 6pm to the first hours of the morning, famous singers like Ricky Martin, Pitbull, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga act in order to entertain the crowd who comes to Times Square in order to have a place for the most important moment: when the New Year's ball descends from it's post and everyone celebrates the new year with a big kiss!

On a side note, and for those who don't stay until late even in New Year's Eve, remember that in 1st January most of the malls in New York begin their sales season, with big discounts in all kind of clothes. A great way to start the year!

For those who seek a different, amazing way, to celebrate the New Year, in the most spectacular American-way to celebrate things, go to NY. You will feel like in a movie!