You know I love food and wine, so where is wine there I am. Wine tasting is something I love, going to wine festivals such as the wine festival in Sitges.

But do we know how to match food with wine? Sometimes we love a certain wine but never find the ocasion to take it out from the shelve as we do not know what to match it with.

So here I am to help you a little bit on that task. There is a great website, that has a pairing chart. You can match food with wine or the other way around so you can always know what goes with what.

So let's say we pick roasted beef to have dinner and this is what we got:

With this detailed suggestion of types of wine and food you will always know how to surprise and have the perfect match in each meal.

Here are some tips to help you match food-wine:

Balance flavours

Rosé wine, fresh and tasty

Rosé wine, fresh and tasty

Balance is the key, use your common sense and think about how is the food. Is it acid? Is it mild? Is it very flavoured?

Go ahead and match it with wines that have the same features. It is important to match the food with the wine that best enriches each other's strenghts.

Acid goes with acid

If you eat something acid such as lemon sauce or or tomato sauce or soup do use wines with acid that can keep up with the acid in the food too.

Wine and spices

Spicy food is great, but sometimes can shadow the wine completely. So think carefully, am I going to enjoy the taste of the wine? Or would it be darkened by the spices? If you think it would be darken, change to something else: a beer, soda etc..

If not, then use a wine that has some spicy flavour or sweet taste such as Gewurtztraminer or Riesling. I love this ones, I would drink them alone, no need of food to enjoy wine.

And what about tannins? Tannins come from grape's skin, wood barrels etc... It is said that tanning might help reduce heart diseases. But everything on the right amount, of course.

Spanish food with Spanish wine?

Food goes best with the flavours of the same area. So if you go for Italian food have a look at italian wines as you might find the best match in there.

You can always do what you want or what you feel is right, your taste will never deceive you. A glass of wine is always good at any time of the day with some cheese or any other snack.