Barcelona is a great city, what can I tell you I was born in Barcelona and I lived here almost for my entire life, but I lived in London and in France for a while so I really appreciate my city. When you leave and go somewhere else to live and work you realise what are those things that you miss and love from your city. So there you are mines:

1 I love the food, who doesn't?

Have some "tapas" in the city center with a beer in a terrace. If you love patatas bravas you can't miss the best bravas in Barcelona.

Bread with some fuet (dry sausage), a crema catalana ( a typical catalan dessert that it is like the french creme brulée)

1+1 Sea side and beach

I love the feeling of waking up and have the chance of going to the beach, as it is just few underground stops away, have some drinks in a "chiringuito" (bar in the beach), swim in the Mediterranian sea, nice beaches. There are always people playing volleyball or aquatic sports etc...Best beach in Barcelona for me is " La Marbella" in Poblenou.

2+1 Gaudí and monuments

I like going to the city center for a walk, go around and get lost. Pay attention at the modernist buildings, go inside, take photos, I feel like a tourist. I love to live in a city where you can look around and always find something that deserves a second to look at it and be inspired. Gaudí is my favourite architect I love his designs of furniture, buildings, decoration...His relation with nature and its shapes makes every single thing special.

3+1 Wine and Cavas

This is my favourite, wine and cava is something I am passionate about. I always find a moment to go for a drink, try new ones or go for a visit to a vineyard, a cava tasting course etc...Do not miss that, go to restaurant D.O in Gràcia, they have a wide variety of wines and cavas and you can also have some tapas with it.

4+1 Weather

I love the weather, not very cold winters. It is something that I didn't realise until I lived in London, OMG this is real Winter and not what we have in Barcelona. Very hot summers and lately almost summer time until October -something kind of cool-. Also, we don't have a lot of rain, mainly in Autumn, but only few days a year.

5+1 Amazing people!

What I like the most is my friends, boyfriend, family, my beloved catalans!! Barcelona is a fantastic city to meet people, I know that a lot of people say that catalans are "a bit difficult" to be friends with. But you will discover, although it is true because everyone has a routine and the same friends and all, we are very open to meet new people, mingle with foreigners and explain a bit what our city and country is about.


Amanda @ Farsickness commented over 5 years

I LOVE Barcelona. A lot. For most of these reasons. Great post!

Jeff @ GoTravelzing commented over 5 years

I love Barcelona too. From my first visit there I have become obsessed by the city. I even have a big picture of Casa Batllo hanging above my desk. I can not wait to visit again.

Meritxell commented over 5 years

I am glad that you like Barcelona. I might not be objective as it is my city, but I love it!

Sandra commented almost 4 years

I love barcelona how.... It's amazin'

Meritxell commented almost 4 years in response to Sandra

I am glad you agree with me!!

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