Walking through the city sometimes is not looked as a means of transport, but it is actually the best one, you can't compare what you experience walking through a city to sat down in a metro wagon or in a bus while everything goes so fast you have no time to experience the surroundings.

When you walk you have the chance to see many things around you, stop and get into shops and look at anything that takes your attention. Barcelona is perfect to be explored on foot as the climate in Barcelona is Mediterranean and mild at all times of the year, and the size of the city makes it even better to walk around.

You can visit the old town, called the Gothic area, la Rivera, Raval and the Barceloneta, wind around narrow streets and follow your gut to discover interesting places. My recommendation is that you do an area per day, you get there by public transport and then walk the area until it is time to go back to sleep. 

Walking all day has its good part but also its bad, you need comfortable shoes and expect to need some breaks to sit down, you will find parks and gardens in every area, and you can take the excuse to sit down in a bar or in a cafeteria to rest.

Organising your walk

You can find many routes to do in Barcelona, on your own you can discover all the city but if you wish you can join an organized walk through an urban route or even a natural tour. I would recommend you to join a tour in the natural part of the city, we have 7 hills that surround the city and there are incredible paths from the mountain that will make you see the city very differently. 

Our recommended routes are:

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