Would you like to have some great tapas in Barcelona and you don't know where...Here we have the answer for you. Tapas in Barcelona is a very tricky thing, most tourist might go to this typical places in the city center, but they are very expensive and in general they are not the good tapas that you look for.

One of the stars of every menu is bravas, this spicy potatoes famous all around Spain, but in Barcelona they have a special all i oli sauce in most of the places. If you are into bravas, you can't miss our guide of best bravas in Barcelona.

Recommended places for tapas in Barcelona

Bar Tomàs: Sarrià Between 10-20 euros Major de Sarrià street, 49

This little bar in Sarrià area it is well known in Barcelona as they are known to have the best Bravas in Barcelona. I can assure you that this is so true, they have a very special way of doing them and they taste delicious. The only problem is that this place is so well known that it is always full, but just next to it there is another Bar (Ivorra-10 is the name and located in the next street Ivorra street nº10) from the same owner and they serve the same bravas and you can find a place to seat easier than the main Bar.

Bravas are the star of the menú in Bar Tomàs but I would also recommend their croquettes, they are artisan croquettes just like the ones your mum does.

bravas bar tomas

bravas bar tomas

La esquinica- Virrei Amat Between 20-30 euros Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296.

Great place and atmosphere, there is normally a queue in the street to enter the bar, so I recommend you to go early at lunch around 13:30 and in the evening around 20:30 if you want to get a seat.

They have very good fish tapas, quality and a good price, variety on the tapas menu, there is long list of tapas to choose so get ready to read and doubt. My recommendations to order at l'Esquinica are: chorizo, chocos -fried squid-, their bravas are pretty good and they have fried mushrooms with garlic and parsley, I always order them!

Ciudad Condal- City Center (Plaça Catalunya) Between 10-15 euros Rambla Catalunya 18

This is a great place to eat in the city center. They serve mostly tapas in little dishes and "pinchos" -bread with something on top-.

They also have a wide range of beer from different countries and the location is fantastic as it is in the heart of the city. Public transport is very near and all tourist attractions as well. Recommendations to order: fish tapas such as cod with sauce, chocos -squid-, pulpo a feira, the "vasque pinchos" are amazing, you will see them all at the counter, most of them cold and choose the one you like the most from the daily menu.

Bar Pinotxo-Mercat de la Boquería- City Center (Liceu) Between 20 euros

Plaça de la Boqueria, Mercat de la Boqueria, stand 466-470 in the market

This might be one of the most famous places, is a bar inside of Boqueria market in Barcelona. If you are lucky you might bump into someone famous, Spanish and Catalan famous cooks have been seated in that bar and taste their delicious food. Quality food at a good price that feeds from the products of the same market where it is placed.

Centric Carrer Ramelleres, 27

This ancient bar is one of my new favorites for tapas, they have the traditional ones, bravas, chocos and cured meats but they also have some other dishes such as fried artichokes and fried eggplants with rosemary and honey. Their bravas are spectacular with a spicy all i oli sauce, they have a "tabla" of cheeses with variety of catalan cheeses, this is a must! The fried artichokes are very good as well.

Fried artichockes at Centric

Fried artichockes at Centric

La bodegueta Rambla de Catalunya 100

Typical spanish bodega in the city center with barrels and wood all around the place. It is a great place to have some tapas to share, the quality of the food is very good but the price is average-high. My recommendation is to go an have a glass of wine and some tapas (not very heavy meal- as the price grows as well)

Recommendations: gazpacho, jamón serrano (Spanish ham), fried eggs with foie and of course all the typical spanish tapas.

What tapas should you try

This is a difficult one for those familiar with the tapas world so imagine for someone that doesn't have the clear image of what is the dish going to be. Let me help you doing a tour around the most known tapas:

Cured meats and cheese: you will find plenty of dishes with cured meats, the star is always iberian ham, if you have never tried it before, you should! It is normal to see the word "tabla" which is a selection of cheese or cured meats. On a tabla of cured meats you will get normally iberian ham, "lomo embuchado", fuet or llonganisa - typical catalan, it is like a dry sausage-, chorizo, and if there are more catalan classics there will be bull blanc or bull negre and catalana.

Cheeses are very good in Catalonia, if you have the chance to try out a selection with cow, sheep and goat's milk you will get a taste of the culture. We eat a lot of cheese and cured meats in Catalonia, and if you go for dinner to someone's house, most probably you will have an "embotit" dinner, which means bread with cured meats and cheeses.

Iberian ham

Iberian ham

Fish tapas: we are in the mediterranean sea and fish is always on the menu. The most typical fish tapas are: pulpo a feira, chocos -squid-, calamares a la romana -fried squid in rings-, cuttlefish, grilled prawns, razor shells, clams and mussels among others.

Fishy tapas

Fishy tapas

Veggie tapas: we have to say that this might be the less crowded group of tapas, since mainly tapas are made either with pork or fish. Bravas are the veggie star, ask before ordering if it has any pork on it or any other ingredient. Fried artichokes, eggplants, fried mushrooms and Padron pepers -very typical spicy peppers- would be the most typical ones. Huevos rotos -broken eggs- are delicious and one of the stars of the menu as well, but they normally go with some pork either iberian ham, chorizo, morcilla etc...

Huevos rotos with chorizo

Huevos rotos with chorizo