Rupit is a wonderful town in Catalonia, it belongs to the Barcelona area and it is 98km far from Barcelona city. Due to the distance is a perfect day excursion from Barcelona, it is just one hour away from the capital. It is worth it to go for a day trip and visit the town, Rupit and also Pruit that is the next town and they are two "married towns", it is funny enough that they share the same letter of their name.

Rupit and Pruit

The streets and houses of Rupit are from XVI and XVII centuries, all of them made from stone and this rustic atmosphere gives the town this medieval touch.

One of the things to pay attention to is the rock wall that dominates the village. The rock, in Latin called "rupes", is where the castle was built, and from there comes the origin of the name of the villages.

There is an old hanging wooden bridge, the bridge was built in 1945 by craftsmen from the same town. The bridge is a tourist attraction, with wooden floor if you are not a fan of heights, this is not for you. I had a great the experience of crossing a suspension bridge, I have to say that impresses more than I thought. Rupit is the perfect town to take loads of photos as every corner is special, surrounded by stone houses with this medieval touch and beautiful gardens and vegetation.

There are loads of activities and routes to do around if you plan to go for a weekend or a longer stay: trekking, horse riding, cycling etc...

My recommendation if you enjoy walking and hiking is to follow the path GR-2, it takes 4 hours go and return to go from Rupit to Tavertet, this path goes along beech woods and little rivers and you will see the beauty of this area in Catalonia.


Interesting shops in Rupit

I have been to Rupit many times and once when I went with my parents, the knew about a great bakery there called L'Era Bakery and we bought loads of things to bring home: a sponge cake, apple cakes and onion bread. They have a wide variety of bread in the bakery to choose from: soya bread, onion bread, olive bread... If you go around breakfast time or anytime to have a bite is a good place to stop by.

Ca l'Ample in Rupit is a very special shop that you can't miss, they sell carquinyolis and ratafia, two typical products from autumn and winter time that you have to try.

Carquinyolis: is a Catalan pastry made with whole or sliced almonds

Ratafia: is a Catalan sweet liquor made from green nuts and herbs, it is the perfect beverage for winter/autumn times and goes hand in hand with pastries and desserts. Grannies used to make them at home -although is illegal to produce alcohol at home-, in little towns was the usual.

We love Rupit, great place and fantastic area. It can be an excuse to go after and have lunch at Ca L'ignasi, read our post about it!



Angelina commented over 3 years

Hello. Could you tell the price of day trip from Barcelona to Rupit and Pruit?

Meritxell commented over 3 years in response to Angelina

Hi Angelina! This is not an official tour, but an excursion we did with our own car, it is very near one from the other. I would recommend you to rent a car and discover the area on your own. I dont know of any tours going there from the top of my head, but you might be able to find something online. Hope you enjoy Catalonia!

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