Lloret de Mar is a town is the cost located in the Costa Brava, it is very famous destination for foreigners, people from Germany and the UK are the main markets and it is a not very expensive destination. It is the typical location in the cost for hen and stag parties so you will see on the street groups of ladies and gents all ready to say goodbye to their single lives.

The restaurant and accommodation offer is for the kind of public that gets to Lloret de Mar, so expect to see chains of fast food, pizzas, sandwiches etc... This doesn't mean that you cannot get to amazing restaurants, you certainly can but this means a deep search as you need to find the local places. 

What to do in Lloret de Mar

Apart from partying in Lloret de Mar which is the basics for a good hen and stag party, there are different cultural options to look at when visiting the town. One of the typical things to do in Costa Brava is to go to the beach of course with these marvellous beaches and crystal clear water. 

But beaches have so much more, it is not only bathing and sun tanning, there are these marvellous coastal paths that you can walk and enjoy the landscape and nature, check out my recommendations on what to do in Lloret de Mar.

Sant Romà Church in Lloret de Mar

The church of Sant Romà is located in the city centre in Plaça de l'Esglèsia. It is a Catalan Gothic church and it was built on XVI, there are three parts of interest, the church itself, the Santíssi chapel and the bell tower. What is interesting about this church is that on the outside you can see its colorful roof made of ceramics with the mosaic technique that is covering the volt.

Fenals beach in Lloret de Mar

Fenals beach is a Lloret's the mar most famous beach but it is not only to lie down and sun tan but it is also part of the path to do the Coastal path called Camí de Ronda. It is a beautiful path of Camí de Ronda starting in Museu del Mar and finishing in Fenals beach, it will take you 40 minutes to do the path, you will see the marks of GR in wihite and red to follow the path. If you are doing the path you will be going through thick sand, crystal clear water and vegetation.

Indians market in Lloret de Mar

As I will explain you in a bit, you will see that Lloret de Mar's story goes hand in hand with this Catalans who went to the Americas to find a better life and make fortune. To celebrate this history of "Indians" as we call it, every year there is an "Indians" market that wants to get back to this atmosphere of the beginning of XIX century located in Plaça de la Vila and Passeig Jacint Verdaguer.

You will be able to see in the market demonstrations of artisan work, an exhibition of products, you can taste food products and there are different stalls where you can buy those products too.

Where to stay in Lloret de Mar: Hotel Delamar


Hotel Delamar is not just a hotel in Lloret de Mar, is a new concept of hotel in town, an adult only hotel with all facilities and services you might need.There is an incredible story of colonial roots behind the family that owned this hotel, back when adventurers crossed the Atlantic in search of a new and better life.

Those who came back home rich where the heroes of the time and very well known Catalan families established a business in the Americas that are still on the top of their area until now, such as Bacardi with their rum for example.

This is the story of Salvador Bofill who arrived into the Cuban city of Matanzas coming from Lloret de Mar looking for a better life. He had its tailor shop in Matanzas city and he met there his wife, Leonor. She was part of the Delamar family, an illustrious and industrial family of the time that has creole and french ancestors and arrived in America in XVIII century. 

Salvador and Leonor had a daughter, Maria Bofill Delamar, she left Cuba to go to school and the small fortune she managed to built up she invested in the touristic sector in the 1950s. Delamar hotel has its spirit all over it with this Caribbean and Mediterranean styles and has a true story behind it as many other Catalan families who went to the Americas for a second chance.

The hotel rooms are fully equipped, each of them has a balcony and air conditioning, TV with international channels, a mini fridge, safe and a kettle to make your own tea and coffee.

What I liked the most in our stay was the bathroom, I love rain showers that have water well distributed from the top going down as you get a full shower experience and you are able to relax while getting the shower done.

The hotel has two swimming pools, one on the bottom floor with pool sofas around it where you can just relax and read a book and take a swim as well. The nicest pool though is in the rooftop, you get the sun right on the pool and you can swim and get tanned. The views from the terrace on the rooftop are nice as well and you can see Lloret de Mar from another perspective.

We were there the day they reinaugurated the hotel, as it has been fully renovated, so facilities are very new and the furniture, you can tell just looking at it. The room prices start at 39 euros for a single room and 42 euros for a double room, a good price for the quality given.

We tried the food served in the inauguration and it was delicious, so I am sure that the food served at their restaurant must be of the same quality of ingredients. The breakfast disappointed me a little, to be honest with you, I am a savory person in the morning, you won't find me around the pastries or the sugary treats and the savory options were not as complete. I am sure they are still in the process of tunning up the offer and this might improve in the next months. 

I would certainly recommend you the hotel, it is a different concept of hotel in the area and if I am staying in Lloret de Mar again this would be definitely my choice.

¿What do you think? Help others with your opinion and experience

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