Mosquitos in Thailand are everywhere, this is a fact, when you don't realise you will be full of mosquito bites in no time. It is very important to be protected as being in foreign countries and being bitten by mosquitos is one of the reasons to get diseases such as malaria, dengue, yelow fever etc...

Most of these diseases cannot be prevented with medicines but only with mosquito bites protection. When going to Thailand we were full of different things to prevent them.

To prevent mosquito bites

Antimosquito bites spray: we brought that one from Barcelona, it is called Autan, quite a strong one. There are also sprays that you can buy in Thailand but my recommendation is to go to your pharmacy and ask for a strong one for tropical areas.

Vitamin B1: I was recommened this B1 pills, they are vitamins in yellowish pills, it is all natural and it is said to help prevent mosquito bites. It looks like mosquitos do not like the smell if you have high vitamin b1 in your body. The truth is it did not work very well for me, I ended up being bitten anyway.

The truth is that talking with thailand people they told us that they are bitten very little compared to tourists and actually the days that we were eating all day thai food, mainly spicy we didn't get any mosquito bites.

Is spicy food the key for not being bitten? It might be...I can assure you that it worked for me. Your diet can help in preventing mosquito bites, I could test that when eating sweet things I got bitten a lot more.

In order to prevent the mosquito bites there are some foods that will help:

Garlic it is one of the stars, not sure why to be honest it can be because of the smell or to the components.

Citrics are also good, so you can try lemon or lime smoothies, desserts etc..

Spicy food: has a lot of benefits, it will not only help on the mosquito bites but it will also keep you cool on the inside. Spicy food makes you sweat and the evaporating sweat has somehow a cooling effect in your body. It improves ciculation and helps open up your sinuses so it is good if you suffer a cold or the flu.

Spicy food helps

Spicy food helps

After you have been bitten

Tiger Balm:I discovered an amazing thing called tiger balm in Thailand, it is the best thing to calm down the skin after you have been bitten, it has a refreshener effect on the skin. The lady at our favorite bed and breakfast Finnlays Cottage recommend it and it was the best thing, so I bought a couple to bring back home.

tiger balm red

tiger balm red

Aloe Vera: it will help relief your skin and will calm the swallen parts

There are loads of different creams that are anti-inflammatory, listen your own body you know what works best for you, not every solution is good for everyone.

Ask your doctor and your pharmacy before buying any medical products. What it worked for me it might not work for you.

If you know any tips or products that can help prevent mosquitos please share them in the comments below.