Thailand, we are going to Thailand this summer and now all the travel preparation begans, being organized to prepare a travel is essential. The story starts when we sit down in front of our holiday sheet and decide that we wil split this year into a week holidays, so we can enjoy in 4 times our holidays through the year. We had plans to go to the Greek Island one week, and Poland another week. If you remember my travel wish list for 2013 there were no plans at all for Thailand.

So there we were with the ipad, iphone, pc computer, tv, everything turned on looking for travel options. Greek Island were incredibly expensive, a flight from Barcelona was around 250 euros to Santorini, calculating our budget and all it was way out of what we wanted to spend.

Thinking again of options, I follow guías low cost, a spanish website about flight offers from Spain but also from other destinations (Europe hubs). And there it was Thailand waiting for us for 340 euros go and return per person.

How come 250 euros for Greece? And 340 euros to Thailand? Am I supposed to pedal until Thailand? Not at all, a flight with Royal Jordania to Bangkok with all services as normal. I got a non refundable super offer but this is possible and be on the perfect moment in time is great to save money will travelling.

I was lucky I got it, so there I was, no Greek Islands this year but yuhuuu Thailand instead. Then the panic preparation starts:

What do I know about Thailand?

Actually, not much. I studied tourism so I knew all unesco sites and famous places to go but not a lot about the culture, traditions etc...I have always wanted to go to Thailand, when I was a teenager I always said to my mum that I would pack my stuff and go there for a while. I neved one of those things that you always say and never do. But here we are...

Looking for information: travel guides and blogs

As you know I am a super freak of travel guides, so I went to buy some about Thailand. I came up with Lonely Planet Thailand and discover Thailand. Two travel guides that have different objectives. The first one bigger and extense is very detailed in every single thing and helps you know where to sleep and what is best from one place to another. The discover Thailand goes to the point, things that you cannot miss so it is a good start to focus on what to see and what to do and decide your route, colorful and very explanatory guide.

I looked everywhere for information about Thailand and this is what I liked the most:

Sonia Travels: (in spanish) Luxury-mid range options for Thailand, thailand guide with information on different destinations

Nomadic Matt: Some articles on budget for Thailand, accommodation recommendations and info on certain cities.

Flashpacker Family in Thailand: I loved Bettany style of writing and very useful information on what to do and where to go. Good info for families travelling with kids as well. She also has a thailand travel guide in progress.

Eating Thai Food: I love food, so that was one hell of a site I bumped into

Thai Travel Blogs: a wide variety of articles about Thailand.

What do I need before going there?

It looks like we only need one vaccine that is compulsory to travel to Thailand is yellow fever. You should visit your doctor 6-8 weeks prior to your departure. Ther might be some recommended vaccinations to take into account. I have to call the doctor for the appointment, there is still time. In Barcelona there is a center for tropical illnesses in Drassanes that they inform you of everything.

Spanish citizens are allowed to stay in the country up to 30 days under the visa exemption rule if you enter the country via an international airport. However, if you enter the country through a land border the permit to stay in the country is for 15 days.

Looking for accommodation in Thailand I realized that there are plenty of options. It is a country where you can sleep for 3 euros a night but also for 1000 euros. There are accommodations for all prices and budgets. We are on a budget but we have never backpacked around, so kind of stylish budget I would say is our kind of travel. As we are staying around 15 nights in Thailand we are estimating around 20 euros per day per room per night to accommodation. That gives us hotels and guest houses with air conditioning, well located, most of them with breakfast included, free wifi and even some stylish boutique hotels. We will tell you all about them when we come back with our bag full of stories, photos and memories.

There are so many places I want to go to and only 15 days, so where do we start? You need to narrow down to what are the things that I cannot go home without visiting. So there we are we narrowed down to: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayuthaya, Sukkothai and some nice beach near Bangkok -no more time to go to Phuket, Ko Phi Phi etcc...- so we have decided Koh Samet island in the gulf of Bangkok.

This are the main spots we will be visiting and probably day excursions from there to National Parks, trekking, some courses around, visiting towns etc...


Things I want to do in Thailand

I was determined to do some things in Thailand, one of them being a cooking course. It might sound very touristy kind of thing, but I love Thai food and what best than learn how to cook thai in Thailand. We are looking at different options on where to do it, farms, cooking schools, I will let you know when we decide it all.

I also want to have loads of massages, oh yes, this is the perfect place to relax and have massages done, isn't that cool? Although I am having second thoughts about the thai massage, some people say its great some others that it hurts as hell, so we will see...

I wanted to do yoga or meditation as well, I am afraid is not in the plans at the moment, we are short of time but I might find a time slot to fit it in while we are in Thailand who knows...

My boyfriend is more the adventurous type and he wants to do some trekking or scuba diving in the island. But I guess this things we will decide them on the go.

The most important thing is to do whatever it makes you happy and enjoy the trip as much as you can. Everyone has a unique way of travelling and looking at the world around. This is the first chapter of preparation to Thailand I guess, so there will be more to come!



Bethaney - Flashpacker Family commented over 7 years

Thailand is a fantastic country. Trust me, you'll be hooked after your first visit.

Meritxell commented over 7 years in response to Bethaney - Flashpacker Family

Thanks for your comment I cant wait to visit the country

Dussel_Brad! commented about 6 years

Thailand is a beautiful place and a synonym of peace for me. I had a little knowledge about the cultural richness and vibrant spirit of the country before I visited but would say that it is certainty a place to be. Glad I came across this post, If feels really good after reading something of similar thought. It is nostalgic :)

Meritxell commented about 6 years in response to Dussel_Brad!

Happy to hear that you felt it as well! Looking forward to be back to Thailand.

Jenn commented over 5 years

Awesome video, love the pre trip recommendations, the Visa and vaccinations are super important (especially when you want to stay for quite a long time). We also travelled Thailand and thought it was one of the most amazing places, especially the Islands like Ko Phi Phi and Koh Tao. We put together a <a href="" rel="nofollow">list of stuff that we did in Thailand</a>, some were good and some were bad hahah!

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