Barcelona airport transfers to your hotel or the city centre are common, you don't have to queue to pick up a taxi and your driver already knows where you are going so it is a trouble free journey.

If you need some privacy and an easy way to get to the airport a transfer to Barcelona airport might be the perfect choice for you. The cars can accommodate up to 4 pax and special vehicles such as minivans up to 6 or 7 depending on the type.

The price divided with all the passengers might be ridiculous compared to other means of transport if you add up all the costs, and what it is sure is that you will be very comfortable and get to your destination in style.

There are some advantages to take into account if you book a transfer:

  • Payment method: you can normally choose to pay in advance or in cash or credit card after the service. That gives you flexibility to decide what is best for you.
  • Once you arrive at the airport, you have the driver waiting for you ready to depart, without queuing or waiting.
  • Prices are in general including tolls, services and taxes so you know the final price at all times
  • Since it is a fixed price and you can pay in advance you don't need to worry about having cash in the local currency to pay

There are different companies that provide transfer services to Barcelona airport, my recommendations are:

Zip transfers: they have vehicles for up to 13 pax, and the price is very similar to the taxi cost

Barcelona transfers: they offer vehicles for up to 50 people, perfect for groups.