Barcelona is a city opened to the sea, there are almost 5km of beach with fine sand and not very deep waters. It is important to note that Barcelona beaches are accessible by people with reduced mobility.

The beach in Barcelona has many activities to chose from, there are bars at the beach where to sit down and relax while tasting some tapas, you can walk or ride your bike through the coastal path etc...

Enjoy the seaside and take into account the colors of the security flags, the beach personel is taking care of the safety of swimmers as well, beaches are equipped with showers, public toilets, restaurants etc...

Where to go to the beach in Barcelona

I will tour you around the different beaches that you can chose from in Barcelona city, with its characteristics and equipments so you can decide what fits best your needs. The Mediterranean climate allows that Barcelona beaches are used all year around to do different kinds of activities although the highest demand is on spring and summer.

Sant Sebastià beach

Sant Sebastià is one of the oldest beach in town as well as one of the beaches with more tradition in Barcelona. Here is where the installed the first toilets, at that time it was only something for the high class in the city.

You can find at the beach the Swimming Club Barcelona and the Athletic-swimming club of Barcelneta, they have direct access to the beach, solàrium, swimming pools, ping poing, sport fields etc...

Sant Miquel beach

Sant Miquel beach is located between Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta beach, right next to Plaça del Mar. Is one of the oldest beaches in Barcelona, its name comes from the Saint Patron of Barceloneta. The same name it is taken for Sant Miquel del Port church, built in 1755.

Barceloneta beach

Barceloneta beach is tied to the Born area, the fishermen area in town and is where everyone goes to enjoy a nice paella, fish, seafood or tapas. This beach even appears in "El Quijote", the most famous book of Cervantes.

It is the nearest beach from the city centre in El Born area, very convenient if you are in a hotel nearby or if you have limited time to move around the city.

Somorrostro beach

In this same area in XX century, there was a neighbourhood of shacks and lived there more than 15000 people and is where the famous flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya was born.

Although this beach was once part of Barceloneta beach, but the city hall decided to get back the original name of this neighbourhood of shacks and named it Somorrostro.

In the same beach, there is the Beach Centre, a space that offers information about beaches and assists users. They organized sport activities, cultural and also related to the marine life.

Nova Icària beach

This one is the beach next to the Port Olímpic and has in the background Frank Gehry's fish. This beach was created when there was the urbanization of Vila Olímpica. You can find the Sailing Centre, they organize sailing excursions, workshops, paddle surf, kayak, windurf, and diving.

It is an accessible beach, with adapted showers and a bathing support system that allows handicapped people to get inside the water with all security guarantees.

Bogatell beach

Bogatell beach is located between Nova Icària and La Mar Bella, as others this beach was created for the Olympic Games when Barcelona started to open up to the sea front and there were new infrastructures to support that. There are also green spaces and gardens in the surroundings, you can play volleyball at the beach.

Mar Bella beach

The young ones in Barcelona love this beach, it is a meeting point for divers, sportive people and it is a space dedicated to the naturism.

There is a Nautical centre that organizes excursions on a sailing cruise, kayak and others. There is also the Municipal Sport Complex, there is a sportive pavilion, a grass field, and gym spaces. You can also find Vanas diving centre and they offer introductory diving courses and PADI and SSI certifications.

Nova Mar Bella beach

Another beach that is the result of the 1992 change of the seaside in Barcelona. Neighbours of the area are the ones who go to this beach and it is probably one of the quietest beaches in town.

Llevant beach

It is the newest beach in town, the accessibility was created in 2006. Factories and other installations used to get to the first line of coast but today this beach is part of the beach options in Barcelona.

Zona de banys del Fòrum

You can see in the background the Forum, when they created the Cultural Forum in Barcelona some years ago they created a bathing zone well delimited with a swimming pool with sea water in it. There is no sand as it is not a beach, it is a bathing zone that you can access through pavement surfaces and stairs to go down. It is not as crowded as other beaches and it is the perfect location for a nice shoot!!

It is an accessible beach, with adapted showers and a bathing support system that allows handicapped people to get inside the water with all security guarantees.

Tips to go to the beach in Barcelona

The beach is a candy bar for pickpockets, be conscious and get ready to go to the beach with no valuables, enough money to buy a drink or an ice cream if you wish but don't bring your watch, phone or camera if you can avoid it. You can take turns to swim or use a special plastic bag that you can take with you into the water with your important belongings. 

Barcelona beach is crowded, mostly with foreigners as locals don't normally go to the beach in the city, the majority we go out to towns near Barcelona such as Sitges, Castellfefels, Mongat etc...

Barceloneta beach is probably the most crowded one, but it is the beach that is near the city centre if you are staying down town it might be very convenient to access to this beach.

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