Cost of living in Barcelona, this is something a lot of my friends from different countries ask, how much it cost to live in Barcelona? To be honest, not that much, and not as much as many people think taking into account other metropolis nearby such as Paris and London.

Keep in mind that the below prices are based on what I spend which might not be the general norm, or might be very different from what you are used to if you are a bargain finder or a caviar lover... I think is a mid range budget for Barcelona, all expenses that are shared with my husband will be mentioned as such.


Rent in Barcelona


Rent is always the base for any cost of living, since you need to live somewhere right? As any other cities, Barcelona has expensive and cheap areas to live. The most expensive would be Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, and the city center area around Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça Catalunya, l'Eixample district. Some of the cheapest you don't even want to know the name of the place, but some of the well known are Nou Barris, Horta Guinardó and Sant Andreu.

We live in a mid-range area, in l'Eixample, in Sagrada Familia neighbourhood, I like it here since it is very near the center but far from the crowds, at least where we are on the top part of Avinguda Gaudí.

We pay for a 90m2 house, -yes, a house, it is very odd for Barcelona but we were lucky-900 euros a month. The house has only one floor at the street level and a terrace on top, it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace on the top and a little patio on the first floor. We share the expense among the two of us, which is 450 euros a month only the house per person.

For utilities such as gas, electricity, and water, there are some invoices that come every 2 or three months, but the monthly average for 1 person would be around 80 euros. It all depends on how much time you spend at home and the usage. The Internet varies on what do you have included in the price, we used to have Pepephone as a provider and paid 23 euros a month for adsl 20mb, and now we pay for fibre optic 100mb + tv international channels and series + mobile + house phone with unlimited calls 80 euros.

Prices in the same area for flats are less expensive, with the same size, elevator and the same number of rooms would be around 700-900 euros. You can find flats of 40-50m2 for 500 euros, it will depend if they have an elevator or not, the street and how new the flat is but there are flats for 450-500 euros.

In Barcelona is very common to share a flat, since not everyone is able to pay for a flat on their own, so shared flats are the norm. You can get a room in a shared flat from 250 euros some of them have utilities included such as electricity, gas, water and internet. Prices for a room in a shared flat go from 250 to 400 euros per room, it really depends on the area and how is the flat.

Transportation in Barcelona

Having your own transport

In Barcelona the best to move around is the motorbike, we have our own, a big one of 650cc, and we pay 35 euros a month to rent a car park and around 30 euros a month for gas. If you have a motorbike that is smaller your expenses for gas would be less. Having a car in Barcelona is really inconvenient if you move within the city, since it is not easy to park for free, so you will need to take the wallet out very often to park your car.

Public transport

I am a public transport lady, the underground is fast and easy to use, so I go to work everyday taking the metro, there is a train every 1 minute in the rush hours and then every 2 minutes in less busy times. You can get almost anywhere with the public transport, there is also a network of bus lines all around the city.Buses and Metro is run by TMB and in their web there is a lot of information but I did a summary for you.

  • A single ticket for either bus or underground is: 2, 15 euros (not worth it unless you only plan a single trip)

  • T10 -are 10 trips and it can be used for more than one person: 9.95 euros
You also have cards that can be use per days, they are called Hola Barcelona, and have unlimited trips during the time you are using it.

  • 2 days, unipersonal ticket: 14 euros

  • 3 days unipersonal ticket: 20.50 euros

  • 4 days unipersonal ticket: 26.50 euros

  • 5 days unipersonal ticket: 32 euros
Taxis in Barcelona are not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive thing either, so if you want to come back from a party at night are a good alternative to public transport. If you are two up to 4 people in the same taxi the price split is not that much. From the city center in Plaça Catalunya to Sagrada Familia with no traffic it can cost me around 7 to 8 euros and with traffic from 10 to 12 euros approximately.

Taxis work with a taximeter and the price per km is around 1 euro, but there is a minimum fee when you get in of 3 euros with something, depending on the time and day of the week it can increase up to 4 euros approximately.

Bicingis also a widespread public transport, there are bicycles that are "for rent" but you need to have a card made by the company. You pay 47 euros annually and the first 30 minutes of every ride are for free, after those any extra fraction of time of 30 minutes is 0.74 euros up to two hours. If you exceed the two hours there is another fee that applies as penalization, the service it is supposed to be used within the city to go around. You can pick them up in one of their stations around the city and give them back anytime.

Food prices in Barcelona

Although Barcelona is a very known city still has cheap eats and free things to do in Barcelona. Prices can vary a lot depending on the area where you are eating and the products, but here is a basic list of what can it cost to eat around the city.


Eating out

  • Beer in a bar: 1.5 euros

  • Coke or soft drink in a bar

  • A glass of wine in a bar: from 3 euros

  • A bottle of good wine in a restaurant from 10 euros

  • Tapas, no fish (bravas, padron peppers, bomba): from 3-6 euros each

  • Fish tapas such as pulpo -octopus- or calamari: from 6-12 euros

  • Lunch menu del dia -during weekdays-: from 8 to 15 euros per person -including starter, main, dessert, bread and a drink-

  • Restaurant mid-range with wine (main, starter and dessert) 2 pax: 60/70 euros

  • Cheap restaurant, tapas: 20/25 euros per person

  • A paella, generally min 2 people: from 18 euros per person

  • Sangria

At the market

  • 12 eggs: 2.40 euros

  • 1 kg of tomatoes: 1.50

  • 500 gr of local cheese: 6 euros

  • 1 baguette: 0.80-1 euro

  • 1 bottle of red wine, good quality: from 4/5 euros

  • A bottle of extra virgin olive oil 1l: from 4 euros

  • 1 litre of milk: 0.90 euros

  • A menu meal in McDonald's for one: from 6 euros

  • A bottle 1.5l of water:

  • 1 kg apples: 1.50 euros

Entertainment prices in Barcelona


Culture in general in Barcelona is a lot more expensive than what it used to be, since they increased the VAT and now is a 21% for all cultural items, but comparing to other European cities is not that bad.

Cinema is popular in Barcelona, the general cinemas everything is in Spanish but we also have a few that have films in Original Version (Renoir, Floridablanca, Bosque, Verdi and Yelmo Icaria). A single entrance is 9 euros, you can get discounts if you are a student or older than 65 years old. For an original version movie sometimes is a bit more.

Theatre: there are different prices depending on how famous are the actors or the type of piece. For musicals such as Les Miserables or Mamma Mia, the price is around 25-30 euros per person. For theatre pieces that are less known go from 10 to 25 euros per person. Here you can check the theatres in Barcelona.

Gym: from 40 euros a month, basic subscription in a local gym. For gyms that have more services and have a brand behind, such as DIR or Metropolitan, the monthly fee is around 50 something euros at a minimum.

Opera in Barcelona is in the Liceu, not available for all pockets but certainly interesting, we went to our first Opera in Festival de Peralada and we enjoyed like children. Entrances go from 60 euros per person approximately.

Partying in Barcelona prices

Partying in Barcelona can be very expensive or very cheap depending on your budget and what you like to do when you go out. The cheapest is to get into discotheques or clubs where there is no entrance fee or you can get in if you get into the entrance free list. There are different webs to get free entrance to the discoteque in Barcelona.

  • A drink such as a gin and tonic or "cubata" -alcohol+soft drink- in a discotheque: from 9 euros
  • A drink such as a gin and tonic or "cubata" -alcohol+soft drink- in a bar: from 6 euros
  • Entrance to a discotheque: posh ones in the city center from 15 euros with no drink included, the general thing is to have an entrance fee that goes with a drink included (from 15 to 25 euros)
  • A bottle of alcohol: from 35 euros, depending on the club and the quality
  • VIP table: it goes normally with an alcohol bottle or champagne + soft drinks, from 150 euros for 5 people.

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