Andreu once again show us his unique view on his solo travel to Japan, would you visit Tokyo or not? Here you are his impressions.

If you hear someone talking about Tokyo, maybe you will think about sushi, high technology or even Godzilla, topics from a far, foreign country which we really know little about it.

The truth is that if you visit Tokyo, you can discover an impressive way of life, the stressful and packed streets of the big cities and malls mixed with to the silence of magnificent temples and gardens from ancient times.

Although Japan is not only Tokyo, more than the 70% of the Japanese population lives in there or the neighborhood, and so at first hour of the morning, subways and cycle road get packed of workers going to business districts like Shinjuku.

Giant buildings, with so many floors, combine with small parks where the workers have their break below the shadow of a tree. In fact, the tallest building in Tokyo, the Tokyo City Hall, 243 m tall, gives the most spectacular view on the top floor of all the city, it really amazed me.

Harajuku also surprises the inexperienced traveler, being the most ancient part of the city, with the old Royal Palace and it's impressive gardens, right next to the top notch clothes shops which sell the most modern clothing from all the world. Also, during Saturdays, you can see the most fanatic anime fans dressed in costumes of their favorite characters, or like they say, “cosplaying”.

Also, for the high technology fans, Akihabara is your place (and mine too), as all the streets contain little shops with the most advanced devices and with very low prices. But look out, most of them are only in Japanese and work only in Japan!

And you can't leave Tokyo without visiting too the Shibuya district, with the most crowded walkplace of the world (don't get lost!) or the Hachi statue, in honour of a famous and loyal dog who waited for it's deceased owner, and which Richard Gere made a movie of it.



If you are wandering to visit or not Tokyo, don't hesitate, it offers whatever you seek in a trip, with the incentive of a different point of view, a different way to live, in other words, a totally different country.