Find the best paella in Barcelona it is a difficult objective, you will see paellas all around but a good one is not as easy to find. The more touristy a place is the more paella keywords you will see in their menu but this is no quality guarantee.

La Barceloneta is the neighborhood in town that gathers the best paellas, since historically it was a fishermen area so there are plenty of restaurants by the sea. You can smell the fish from the sidewalk. 

What is the perfect Paella

We need to start mentioning that there are different kinds of paellas and cooked rices in Spain. Paellas can be made with fish, seafood or meat and even a mix of meat and fish too. The paella is a dry meal, but if you sea soupy paella is called: arroz caldoso in Spanish. The paella is actually typical from Valencia, but it is eaten all over the country. In Barcelona, the most common one is the fish dry paella, normally goes with some kind of vegetable, either green beans, pepper or peas, some kind of sweet vegetable that boosts the flavor.

The color is very important, the best one for me is the natural color with no doubt, if you see it orange or yellow artificial color it means that they need some condiments to make it look better. If the fish and the fish stock is good in the paella the color will be amazing and natural of course.

The quality of the products is essential, good fresh fish is the base of any paella, but the rice is also the key. There are different kinds of rice, the best one to do an amazing paella is bomba rice, since it is not a picky one and gives you minutes of leverage to take it out. If the rice is too cooked or too raw it can ruin the dish, adn this bomba variety allows you to control more the timings, since it doesn't affect the rice as much if you leave it a cooking a bit longer. 

The best paella in Barcelona is in Can Majó

Can Majó was born on 1968, in Barceloneta area, a former fishermen neighbourhood, if you are looking for good fish and paellas Barcelona is your area and Can Majó your place. You can tell that all their ingredients are fresh and the best quality in the market, you can see them exposed right in front of the kitchen.

Their menu is extense, with cold and hot starters and main dishes that are rice, paellas and fish and seafood dishes. In can Majó cuisine is where the fish and the seafood are the main ingredients. If you are an oyster lover, they have Galician oysters, the best kind in Spain and they also have Mediterranean and Cantabrian oysters. 

The recommended dishes are the Mediterranean lobster stew, Santoña anchovies, the prawns, l'espardenya -Catalan clams-, Mediterranean lobster flambé Can Majó style and if you want to have a paella our favorite is Can Majó seafood paella.

The paella is a big dish and you get full quickly, so my recommendation is to share some starters among the group that are not very heavy and then have the paella as a main dish. We had in this occasion octopus a feira, fried squid and a couple of oysters each and then Can Majó seafood paella.


No wonder that Majó family has all the ingredients to do a good paella, fresh ingredients, good combination of flavours, traditional cuisine and very good quality, and the rice of course just perfectly cooked.

Another thing that is a plus is that if you are very full you can take what is left of your paella with you home. Prices in Can Majó are not cheap, you will be looking at around 50 euros per person with a starter, a paella and a bottle of wine, but as always in life you pay for what you get, so if you want high quality is pricey. 

Apart from my mum paella's, this is second best, so when we go out for a good paella in the city, this is our favorite place without a doubt.

Can Majó

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