Barcelona is a beautiful city in Christmas times, we love activities and markets on the streets, our typical meals and desserts. Discover what to do at Christmas time in Barcelona or see below the special on Christmas markets in Barcelona.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

It is the most famous Christmas market in Barcelona isfira de Santa Llúcia, it will open on 30th November until 23rd December. The oldest gathering of this market comes from 1786, it is a long lasting tradition for catalan kids to go to the market every year, to see the lights and decorations.

There are different areas in the same fira:

Nativity scenes and figures: figures for nativity scenes, caves, and of course the most famous figure in catalan nativity scene called "el caganer". If you have never seen it before, just going around you will notice they are everywhere. It was orginally a man with his trousers down shitting dressed with catalan costume, white tshirt and brown trousers with a "barretina" -catalan red hat-. Now there are thousands of creations of "caganers" that have famous faces, in funny positions, women or men, the sky is the limit.

Greenery and plants: christmas trees, moss, tiós (wood branch typical in catalonia for Christmas).

Crafts: all kinds of hand made products, they are a good option for Christmas presents, scarfs, bags, clothes, jewellery, decorations etc..

Simbombes: a simbomba is a traditional instrument used in Christmas gatherings.

Where it is? Avinguda de la catedral nº5 Barcelona

Fira de la Sagrada Familia

Very tyical Christmas market, that is held in Plaça Sagrada Familia, around the temple. You can find everything to get ready for Christmas: decorations, christmas trees, nativity scene figures etc...

Where it is? Plaça Sagrada Familia nº1 08013 Barcelona

Fira de la Gran Via

This Christmas market is a bit different, there are mainly artisans that sell different products: jewellery, arts and crafts, bags, clothes etc...There are also toys for children. It is the place to go around and found the perfect present for your people.

Where is it? Gran via between Muntaner and Calabria